Nakamichi MR1 Cassette Deck Maintenance

Nakamichi MR1Occasionally, a piece of control room equipment needs to be decommissioned and taken into the workshop for service.  This time it was the Nakamichi MR1 Cassette Deck. This deck uses three motors to handle the tape.  These motors depend on each other for proper operation and if one malfunctions, the whole machine stops working.  In this case, the spooling motor had a dead spot and the machine would stop playback to keep the transport from eating the tape.

Nakamichi Disassembly 1

The transport assembly was removed from the machine and taken to the test bench for further dissembly.

Nakamichi TransportOnce the transport was disassembled, the motors could then be dismounted and cleaned.

Nakamichi Spooling MotorThe spooling motor was disconnected, opened and cleaned.  You can see the three major components of the motor.

Nakamichi MR1Once all the components were serviced, the machine was reassembled and recommissioned.  mr1-2


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